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Kesearen ana i ecnnoiogy Applications urogram 

Office of Technology Commercialization 
Technology Services 

National Institute of Standards and Technology • Technology Administration • U.S. Department of Commerce 

The Research and Technology Applications 
Program assists business, industry, and state 
programs to identity, access, and apply NIST- 
developed technology. The office staff serve as 
the NIST point of contact for the Federal 
Laboratory Consortium, manage the State 
Technology Extension Program, and arrange 
visits to NIST for business and industry. The 
staff also participate in and develop work- 
shops, conferences, and seminars that bring 
NIST technology, as well as the research con- 
ducted at other federal laboratories, to the 
attention of companies that can apply and 
benefit from it 

The State Technology Extension Program is 
designed to work with state and local tech- 
nology outreach and economic development 
groups. The program staff will provide tech- 
nical support to state and local groups who 
assist small and medium-sized businesses in 
applying technology to solve technical prob- 
lems. This is a new program assigned to NIST 
by the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness 
Act of 1988. 

Assistance to state and local technology 
outreach programs can be: 

• Technical advice and information from 
NIST and other federal laboratories, as ap- 
propriate, in response to technical questions 
from businesses. Responses can be in the form 
of information, technical expertise of the labor- 
atory staff, use of unique research facilities, 
licensing and patent agreements, and coopera- 
tive research and development agreements. 

• Organization of or participation in joint 
workshops and seminars on specialized 
industry-related technical topics or general 
topics on technology transfer. 

• Cooperative agreements with state and 
local technology extension services or 

economic development groups to design and 
test new methods by which technology, includ- 
ing federal technology, can be transferred to 
solve the technical problems of businesses. For 
fiscal year 1990, the states of Arkansas, 
Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, 
Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, and 
Tennessee received agreements to test new 
methods of technology transfer. 

As representatives of the Federal Laboratory 
Consortium, the staff assist businesses to ident- 
ify current research within the federal labora- 
tory system, help access staff experts, provide 
information on reports and other technical 
publications, and serve as an entry point to the 

The program staff work closely with federal 
agencies on technology transfer issues. They 
also work with national, state, or local pro- 
fessionals or scientific societies, and trade 
associations to assist in the transfer of tech- 
nology, including federal technology, to help 
meet the technical needs of their members. 

Visits to NIST, NIST participation in confer- 
ences and workshops, and technical informa- 
tion on NIST technology can be obtained 
through the program. Succinct descriptions of 
the technical problems or areas of interest 
would be helpful in responding to your 

Jot further information, contact 9dr. Joseph 
'Berime, Chief 'Research and TechnoCogy 
5\ppCications Program, 'HationaC Institute of 
Standards and TechnoCogij, S1343 Physics 
<BCdg., Qaithersbuxg, 9v(<D 20899; 
(301) 975-5017. 


AU68 6 1991